Tamara's Bamboo Micro Polish 4 OZ (112 gr) Hudvård Tamara's Professional

Tamara's Bamboo + Enzyme Polish 4 OZ (112 gr)

Tamara's Professional
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Tamara's Bamboo + Enzyme Polish is a wonderful exfoliator/mask that with oats, rice, fruit enzymes and bamboo foams into a fantastic, cleansing product that exfoliates your skin.

This product is a mixture of oats, rice and fruit enzymes combined with bamboo. The mixture is activated with warm water and then starts to foam someone. Then it is ready to clean and gently exfoliate dead skin cells and then polish and renew the skin. Ideal for use in the shower or sink.
Comes with a dose nozzle so you can easily get a decent man in your hand.

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