Glove Plus Prime Pink - Puderfria handskar Nitrile Professional Prime

Glove Plus Prime Pink - Powder-free Nitrile Gloves

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This glove is slightly thinner than the Kleenguard G10 and makes the hand feel less tight and you get a little less warm. You also get slightly better fine motor and feel compared to the G10. The glove nevertheless holds incredibly high quality.

Glove Plus Prime is"Medical Grade"and is certified according to EU PPE Class III and quality standard EN455 Parts 1 & 2.
The glove also has the following certifications:ISO 16604b:2003 Viral Test Passed, EN420 Dexterity Test Passed Level 5.

The glove has been designed to be optimal for 0-30 minutes of use.

There are 100 gloves per pack. One box contains 10 packs.