• Eco-friendly products

    100% natural and eco-conscious. You won't find any chemicals in these quality sugaring products.

    In fact, the paste is biodegradable, organic, fair trade and vegan.

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  • Education

    New to sugaring? Check out our sugaring certification programs. Whether you're one person or a multi-treatment room team, we can meet your needs.

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  • Marketing support

    No time to create? We got you covered. Our team produces FREE social media content and signage. We also have informative client brochures available for purchase.

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Explore our new course offering!

Become a certified "Sugar Specialist" with our new & improved 2-step certification program.

Keep your doors open longer and learn the theory online. In step 2, you will master your technique in person. Starter kit included!

*Currently available to Sweden customers only.


How will your clients benefit from sugaring?

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We are based out of Sweden, and ship to Nordic and EU countries.