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Priced organic and vegan hair removal for beauty salons and spa.

We have products for beauty salons, spa, fitness and other businesses. Let us help you conduct a profitable business - with products and courses in Sugaring World -class!

And a sustainable future!

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  • Experienced instructors

    Our course leaders have broad experience within Sugaring in hair removal.
    Meet our instructors here.

  • Courses online and on-site

    The courses are both physical and online. Before the practical course starts, make a theory online.

  • Biologically degradable disposable nitrile gloves of the highest quality sitting tight on the hand such as a second skin. Traditional nitrile gloves take over a hundred years to break down, and the risk is that they then break down to microplastics. Compare this with our gloves that down by nature for 1-5 years.

  • USDA Certified Organic, Certified Fair Trade, Certified Leaping Bunny And Vegan. Contains only sugar, citric acid and water both professional products for treatments and products for home use of the customer.

  • Scrummi towels are environmentally friendly, strong absorbent and very hygienic options.
    Scrummi towels are broken down by nature in as short time as 8 weeks! Scrummi is an economic option that saves both money and the planet!

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Sugaring is the Future of Hair Removal

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Premium Dead Sea Peeling Salt 500 ml Hudvård Savvy SugaringPremium Dead Sea Peeling Salt 500 ml
Tamara's Sweet Exfoliator Toner Pads Skin Care Tamara's ProfessionalTamara's On The Go Exfoliator Toner Pads
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Tamara's Soothing Oil 30 ML (1 FL OZ) Hudvård Tamara's ProfessionalTamara's Soothing Oil 30 ml (1 fl oz)
  • Much less discomfort

    The sugar paste is water soluble and contains only sugar, water and citric acid. The sugar paste does not attach to living skin cells such as wax does.

  • Results that last longer

    The hair is extracted into its natural plant direction. Fewer hairs are broken off, compared to eg. waxing. The longer time to grow out and can even stop growing completely.

  • Organic, Fair Trade & Vegan

    Certified USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade and Vegan.

    These are very strong sales factors that make customers choose you before another salon.

  • Happier customers. Higher earnings.

    You use the same lump sugar paste for the entire treatment, so product consumption is low.
    The customer comes to you for having skin free from hair. You can offer a better and more comfortable way to that result, you have a clear advantage over your competitors.

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  • Own stock, in Falun

    We have our warehouse in Falun. From there we take care and send out all orders, usually already the same day!

  • Physical courses & online courses

    We offer both courses online and physical courses where we come out to you. The advantage of online courses is that you can see if the material several times!

  • Organic & Fairtrade.

    We always strive to offer organic & Fairtrade products to safeguard our environment!