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Cities and regions we cover:

- Fristad/Borås, Strömstad, Gotland/Visby, Göteborg, Stockholm.

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  • Aimee Kellerman, Head Educator

    Aimee Kellerman

    Head of Education, Stockholm

    Aimee establishes and oversees global education plans for new and expert practitioners. She teaches larger classes, in fact, you'll often see her at YHHS Beauty School instructing full 20+ student classes.

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  • Amy Petersson Savvy Sugaring

    Amy Pettersson

    Head of Business Development, Stockholm

    Amy is the key point of contact for salon owners/entrepreneurs looking to expand their service and product knowledge in sugaring. Occasionally and at special requests, she instructs courses within Stockholm.

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  • Maria Johansson Savvy Sugaring

    Maria Johansson

    Educator, Fristad/Borås

    Maria runs a 4-person salon in Spaviliian. She owns her success story having converted from waxing back in 2017 - with great success! In fact her sales were up 45% after the first year alone.

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  • Kajsa de la Torre, Savvy Sugaring

    Kajsa de la Torre

    Educator, Strömstad

    Kajsa runs Á la Torre, a salon that focuses on organic treatments. Having seen the benefits of sugaring on her clients, and her businesses bottom line - she's become quite the advocate and inspiration.

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  • Sandra André, Savvy Sugaring

    Sandra André

    Educator, Gotland/Visby

    Sandra runs a salon in the heart of Visby. Having been a nurse for 20+ years, she approaches the courses she instructs in a professional, yet warm and welcoming manner.

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  • Sugaring Educator and teacher, Gabriella Cicek

    Gabriella Cicek

    Educator, Göteborg

    Gabriella established her entire business with a focus in sugaring. She's passionate about 'greener', non-toxic treatments and products - and her customers see that!

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  • Johanna Wild

    Johanna Wild

    Educator, Stockholm

    Johanna is a licensed skin therapist and runs Glowbar, a salon in Stockholm. The salon offers gentle but results-oriented treatments that make everyday life easier. That's why sugaring has been an obvious choice on the treatment menu!

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