About us

Our purpose

Supporting entrepreneurs and teams with exceptional products, industry leading education and tailored marketing. We strive to:

1. Ensure clients are positioned for success

2. Distribute the highest quality products

3. Protect and promote the environment.

  • Premium, eco-conscious products

    We have exclusive distribution rights with various eco-friendly brands.

  • Industry-leading education

    We employ experienced, top notch Educators to instruct courses. We also can incorporate online learning to substantially save our clients on costs.

  • Elevated marketing support

    We offer a combination of free and paid marketing support. Activities that are often very costly for small and medium businesses alike.

Management team

Aimee Kellerman, Head Educator

Aimee Kellerman

Director, Head of Education

Aimee is responsible for establishing and overseeing global education plans for new and expert practitioners.

Aimee has been a certified skin therapist for over 15 years; she is the founder of the 5-star spa, SugarMe Esthetics in Stockholm, Sweden, and co-founded SavvySugaring AB and SavvyCertification Ltd. 

Having practiced in Canada, the United States, and internationally, Aimee has developed an advanced understanding of techniques and treatments. She was the first sugarista in Sweden, and with multiple certifications, is established as one of the foremost experts in intimate sugaring.

Amy Petersson Savvy Sugaring

Amy Pettersson

Director, Head of Business Development

Amy is responsible for leading the firm's sales initiatives and direct communications with salon owners, entrepreneurs and teams.

Prior to joining Savvy Sugaring, Amy was a qualified therapist in the beauty industry for 23 years. During that time she successfully operated a 13-staff salon in Australia before moving to Stockholm, Sweden. Given Amy's in-depth knowledge and experience as a salon owner, she is able to better assist business owners in setting achievable targets and goals.


Jesse Mitchell

Director, Head of Marketing

Jesse is responsible for planning, developing, implementing and monitoring marketing and advertising strategies.

Prior to joining Savvy Sugaring, Jesse was Brand Manager at RBC Global Asset Management, one of the largest money managers in Canada. Having experience in various key functions: brand, product, regulatory and compliance, has enabled Jesse and the team the ability to offer our clients premium marketing support.

  • Tamara's Sugar

    Premium quality professional and retail products.

  • Scrummi Spa

    A towelling system aimed at sustainably reducing spa laundry.

  • Showa

    Durable, biodegradable and disposable nitril gloves.

  • Hydrea

    Quality retail exfoliation tools

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