FAQ - Questions about sugar as a method of hair removal and everything else in the subject.

The most common questions regarding Sucring as a hair removal method.

Question:I'll take a course. I have a wax heater since before, can I use it for the sugar paste?

Answer:The quick answer is:No, you can't. The longer answer is ... a little longer. You could theoretically use your wax heater provided it:
1. Fits the 1 kg jars in which the sugar paste is delivered.
2. The heater also has heat coils on the sides so that both the bottom and sides of the jar are heated equally.
3. The heater must be able to set the temperature to 37 ° C. As the sugar paste is heated to a much lower temperature than wax, you must be sure that it can withstand even these, in wax-context, low temperatures.