• Brows or upper lip

    58x treatments

    (17g per)

  • Full face

    19x treatments

    (50g per)

  • Arms

    13x treatments

    (73g per)

  • Body sugaring

    Brazilians or bikini

    13x treatments

    (74g per)

  • Back, chest or buttocks

    9x treatments

    (108g per)

  • Legs

    8x treatments

    (122g per)

*Reduce your waste and increase your profit margins. Hygienically reuse paste on the same client. Simply start treatments on the face and work downward.

You could sugar an entire body with only 122g of paste!

  • Organic Sugar Paste Collection

    Organic collection

    Certified Organic and Fairtrade. Non-GMO.

    Ingredients: USDA Certified Organic and Fairtrade sugar, citric acid and water.


    Ultra - Soft consistency for larger body areas, and custom blending.

    Smooth - Medium consistency for all body areas. Glides on smoothly. A great paste for beginners and experts alike.

    Strong - Firm consistency for warmer climates & custom blending. Strong enough to pull out the toughest hairs.

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  • Signature Sugar Paste Collection

    Signature collection

    100% pure and natural sugar paste. Non-GMO.

    Ingredients: Sugar, water, citric acid, acacia.


    Soft - Soft consistency for larger body areas, and custom blending.

    Medium Soft - Medium-soft consistency for all body areas.

    Standard - Medium-firm consistency for all body areas, perfect for underarm, bikini area.

    Firm - Firm consistency for warm humid climates or custom blending. We recommend always having a Firm on hand. Especially in the summer months.

    Extra Firm - Extra firm paste for extreme temperatures and custom blending (seasonal).

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