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Savvy Sugaring Terms and Conditions

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The terms and conditions that apply to all products and services.

Terms of purchase for
The terms and conditions that apply to all products and services available in our online store.
As a consumer who trades at, you are covered by the Consumer Purchasing Act, the Consumer Services Act and the Act on distance contracts and agreements outside business premises.The buyer must be of legal age or have the consent of the plaintiff to enter into an agreement with Savvy Sugaring.

Prices and shipping
Current prices for products are provided on which is updated in real timeThe prices are set by default in SEK and VAT is added to the checkout, unless another currency is selectedRegardless of the currency shown on the site, the currency in the cash register will be SEKWe reserve the right for any publication errors.
Any freight costs as well as what freight options are available are stated in the checkoutThese vary depending on which products the order consists of.

Shipping options on delivery from our online store
Transport options and total delivery time depend on which product you want to buy and where you liveOrder items are normally delivered within 7-14 business days, regardless of the delivery methodThe delivery method's time indication is only an indication of how long the shipping company takes to transport the consignment.

If you choose pick-up, the item will not be sentYou are then expected to arrive at our collection point within 7 days at the checkout to collect your ordered item

Savvy Sugaring AB always works to minimize delivery times and often your order is processed by us immediately after you have completed your purchaseDue to the sometimes short handling time, it is usually not possible to cancel after placing an orderIf you wish to return your order, it will be done at the customer's expense.

Delivery Delay
In the event of a delay, you will be contacted as far as possible with information on the reason and new delivery informationYou are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or questionsWe then offer you to choose between continuing the purchase or canceling the order with full refund.

Delivery in connection with the purchase of more than one product
If you order several products, we usually send them in the same consignmentHowever, you may receive your products in several consignments, as we always choose the most suitable transport alternative for each product, but you always pay only for one shipping.
If parts of your order are not in stock, your order is usually sent only when all the ordered products are ready for delivery.If you wish to receive a partial delivery please contact us.

Damage on delivery
Savvy Sugaring inspects each shipment before sending it to youIf your delivery is damaged during transport, you need to make a complaint to our customer center as soon as possible, within a reasonable timeDamage includes both visible and hidden damage, which means that you need to remove the product from its packaging and inspect the goods carefullyRemember to keep all packaging (product packaging) in case of transport damageThis is so that the carrier can inspect the goods including packaging.

Right of return and return
When purchasing goods from, you as a consumer, in a manner such as the law (2005:59) on distance agreements and agreements outside business premises, specify, in some cases the right to withdraw a purchase (right of withdrawal).This means that you have the right to cancel your purchase by sending or sending a message to Savvy Sugaring within 14 days of the day you received the ordered item (cancellation deadline)The right of withdrawal exempts computer programs and audio and video recordings when sealing/sealing has been brokenSealing also means technical sealing (e.g.serial number)

If you wish to use the right of withdrawal, you as a customer should contact Savvy Sugaring, preferably via the Product Return link at the bottom of our site, secondary contact can be made by phone or mailYou can also notify Savvy Sugaring about withdrawal of purchases by filling in and mailing the Swedish Consumer Agency's form to Savvy SugaringThe form can be found here: form will be sent to the address given under the heading"Contact us"

When exercising the right of withdrawal, the goods shall be returned to Savvy Sugaring within 14 days of notification of the exercise of the right of withdrawal.You can also return the product to our warehouse in Falun

The amount you paid for the item including the original shipping cost (excluding any insurance or priority handling service) will be refunded within 14 days of receipt of your notice of cancellation, provided Savvy Sugaring receives the item in return within that timeRefunds may be made in a different way than the way the payment was granted.

You have the right to examine the goods to the extent required to determine the characteristics or function of the goods, in the same way as when visiting a physical storeHowever, you may be required to substitute Savvy Sugaring for the product's depreciation if the product has been used or handled to a greater extent than was necessary to determine its properties or function.Such a deduction may amount to the total price of the goodsThis assessment is made unanimously by Savvy Sugaring.

Once you place an order, our systems automatically send out an order confirmation to your specified emailRead the order confirmation carefully when you receive it, and check if the order confirmation matches the orderDifferences between ordering and order confirmation are considered a new offer from us that you can either accept or refuse.

For all payment methods you will be charged when the order is placed, even if the order is sent at a later timeAn order may be sent later than at the time of order if one or more of the ordered goods are not in stock at the time of the order.

We reserve the right to cancel your order or parts thereof if the product you ordered has sold out.

Order of education/course
A course is considered booked only when we have received an order for the selected education through our siteIt is only after this order has been received that a date can be definitively booked.
An education/course must be paid at least 7 days before the start of the courseIf the course is booked later, payment will be made on the same dayConfirmation of payment may be required before the course starts to allow the participant to participate.

Compensation for a course that is not paid within the stipulated time before the course starts

If a course is not paid within the stipulated time so that the course must be canceled, 50% of the course fee will be charged plus 100% of"Course with your supplement"if the course should be held with you.
In addition, full payment must be made again for a new course opportunity.

Business and government purchases
When you act as a company or agency, the purchasing law appliesUnder this law, the buyer has 2 years of right to claimFor extended protection, a security agreement can be signed in cases where this is offered.

We reserve the right to cancel orders, irrespective of errors such as printing errors, technical problems or bulk ordersIn the event of any misinformation, you have the right to cancel your purchase, citing the Consumer Purchase ActWe also reserve ourselves for delays and final salesIf an ordered product is finished, we reserve the right to send an equivalent replacement product insteadYou will then of course have full right of return and will receive the money back for both goods and shipping if you are not satisfiedGetting a product that you have not ordered is a valid basis for complaints under the Consumer Purchase Act.

Mass orders/orders from retailers
We reserve the right to stop and credit bulk orders or reseller orders.

All prices are shown by default including statutory sales taxYou can sometimes see this at the top of the siteYou can choose between the payment methods presented at checkoutIn order to minimize the risk of unauthorized access, all payment information is encryptedOnce we receive your order, a reservation will be made on the amount to ensure that there is sufficient funds available to cover the purchase price and complete the transactionIf reservation cannot be made, we reserve the right to cancel the orderYou will then receive information on this.

Some payment methods may mean that you will be charged when we confirm your order and delivery has begun with usThis also applies when ordering products that are not currently in stock, or have a release date later.

If you do not collect your order, and the products are returned to us, an amount of 300 SEK will be deducted as well as the cost of return shipping to cover our expenses.

If you choose invoice as payment method, this will be sent by e-mail when the order has been shipped from our warehouse, with a due date of 10 days from the delivery datePlease check that you entered the correct email address, and that the email did not end up in your spam filterIn connection with ordering an invoice, a credit check is madeYou will receive a copy of the check sent by letter to your registered addressAn invoice fee may apply when ordering an invoiceThis fee is shown both at checkout and on the invoiceUpon approved credit check, the goods are delivered to your registered address.

When choosing a part payment as payment method, a conditional agreement is signed by you during the payment processPart payment is only available if the purchase is made as a private individualThe agreement is valid between you and our financing partnerThe account holder understands that the account is charged with interest and setup fee and that these are costs that are in addition to what is shown in the order overview on faltbutiken.seThese costs are shown instead by our financing partnerPayment to the account must be made each month in accordance with the terms signed with the financing partner during the purchase processIn case of late payment to the account, this was paid with a delay fee and anyinterest.

When are you charged?
You will be charged at the time of order for payment by cardIn the case of payment Advance invoice, the invoice must be paid before the order is sentIf you pay for an invoice that is not an advance invoice, you will receive 30 days credit.

For subscription purchases where, for example, a contract to be paid monthly, your information is stored encrypted and secure with our payment partner and used by our supplier to be able to complete the transactionConsent to this is obtained from you during the purchase process.

Personal data and privacy
When you log in to our site, or as soon as you proceed to the checkout, all information is encryptedIn order to make a purchase you need to be registered and you have access to your own profile, where information about your purchases is availableThe data controller is Savvy Sugaring AB and we never pass on or sell information to third parties, except for our payment intermediary who handles money transferYou have the right to request a register extract to be able to record what information is stored about you and we will correct incorrect information upon requestUpon request, we erase all your data from our systemsSavvy Sugaring will never send you email for promotional purposes, unless you have previously made a purchase with us or otherwise asked to receive it.

Our website uses so-called cookiesIt is a standardized technology that almost every web page today usesThe purpose is to be able to keep statistics on how the site is used and to give us useful information on how we can improve the pages for our usersIn the settings of your browser you can choose not to accept cookies if you wish.

advance booking
Pre-booking means that these products are not released yet and a preliminary period or date is displayedAs soon as we know the correct date we will update under the respective productWe reserve ourselves for final sales during the pre-booking period.

To order
When a product is labeled order item, this means that it is not in stock or currently not in stock but must be ordered from the supplierThis means that the delivery time can be slightly longerNormal delivery time is 7-14 working daysWe reserve the right for any final sale.

Service and repair
We want to make you aware that software errors, fluid damage, external damage and any other form of handling error are not covered by warranty or claimsIf the error is outside the scope of the law, or in the case of rejection of cost proposals, there may be an additional cost for shipping and examinationAlways back up your data before submitting a product with storage media for service, as there is a risk that this will disappear in the course of remediation.

You should carefully examine all goods upon receipt to make sure they are flawless and functioning properly, and that they have expected properties

If you wish to make any errors in the ordered item, you should within a reasonable time from the error was discovered, or should have been discovered, contact Savvy Sugaring by phone, mail or by visiting our warehouse in FalunComplaints may not be made later than 3 years after receipt of an item

Once the item has been returned, checked and the complaint is approved, Savvy Sugaring will compensate you in accordance with the rules in the Consumer Purchase Act (1990:932) by repairing an existing product, by a new equivalent product, a price reduction or by returning your payment for the product (incl.any other costs, excluding any insurance taken out or Priority Handling)

Savvy Sugaring checks/tests submitted or submitted goods in accordance with the error description you provided, so it is advantageous if it is as comprehensive as possibleIf the item is found to be defective or subject to external damage, a fee for troubleshooting and shipping will be charged to cover Savvy Sugaring costs.

Estimated repair time is 2-3 weeksSavvy Sugaring strives for efficiency and performs repairs as quickly as possibleIf it becomes necessary to repair a product twice and the same fault occurs a third time, you can request a cancellation of the purchaseIf you still want to repair the product or change to a new corresponding product, this is also possible

Any dispute may be referred to the General Complaints Board (ARN)Savvy Sugaring has a policy of following ARN's recommendations.

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