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We are in the industry and we know what you as a esthetician and salon want, need and expect!

Savvy Sugaring Have a goal, and that is that you and your business will thrive and that you will have the world's most satisfied and loyal customers thanks to amazing treatments and products.

We have local Swedish warehouse in Falun. From there we take care of and send out all orders, usually as early as the same day!

You can easily place your order on our site, where you will also see full order history on your pages. You can always choose between getting the delivery delivered directly to the salon, or if you want to save a few bucks, you can also pick up your order at the nearest pickup point. We hire DB Schenker as a freight company.


Why should you change from waxing to Sugaring ?


The reasons why you should switch from waxing to Sugaring Unjefär are as many as all customers who never choose to go back to waxing after trying. Sugaring Below you can hear and see what a customer says.


Become a customer with us!


If you are already certified Sugaring and wish to become a customer with us, you can easily get it by filling in the form that you will find here.

If you are not trained and certified Sugaring in so choose one of our courses that you will find This.


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