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We are proud to have the best teachers and because we actually know what is required in the beauty industry as we are not only instructors but also work with socking and meet real customers.

With us you will find world-leading products for beauty, health and well-being from the world's leading suppliers and manufacturers. We do everything we can to contribute to a greener future.

The health and beauty industry is very competitive, and to succeed success, you must stand out! We are available to help you take wise and successful decisions that make you and your business unique!

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  • Tamara's Sugaring

    Hair removal with sugar paste.
    Future hair removal method.
    which means only benefits, and also do not jeopardize the Customer's skin
    Or our everyone's environment! Tamara's Professional Body Sugaringar A Global Succe! Thanks
    Whether the high quality products in combination with the award-winning supply
    of retail products (for sale to customer) that prevents ingrown hairs, and
    As customers love! To choose socking to extract hair instead of the classic
    "Waxing" saves costs, and on our environment!

    Organic sugar paste:
    Consists of 3 ingredients - sugar, water and citric acid
    No spatulas, no strips, no harmful ingredients and no dangerous chemicals,
    neither before, during or after treatment.
    Tamara is the leading brand for socking, with a sugar-eating you can always rely on when you need tips / have questions or ideas. Education and knowledge is the key to success, but to maintain knowledge, continuing education is also required. Our sugar education helps you and your team to achieve success, both with your services, your sales and to get your company to grow. We are driven by helping you reach your business goals!

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  • Scrummi

    Superabsorbent and biodegradable towels for spa,
    Beauty, fitness and health or to whomever needing a better
    towel options. . For example, dentists, medical schools, retirement homes,
    Hotels, etc. Scrummi is cost effective and reduces washing management costs
    (Staff, electricity, water and equipment). .
    Did we mention that the towels from scrummi are compostable and broken down only
    8 weeks!

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  • Showa

    Biodegradable gloves. Eco-best technology makes the glove breaking
    down when discarded. The glove is tight on his hand such as it would be a
    other skin. These properties make it maintain their high performance which is
    Fundamentally when sugar treatments are performed.
    Showa - good for the environment and comfortable for our working hands, in all industries.

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A sustainable beauty company.

To promote yourself as "a sustainable beauty company" does not mean
Just that you are unique but also that you save on unnecessary costs
While saving our planet!

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Tips to reach your sales goals.

While keeping your margins high:

  • Raise prices

    Raising prices for your services with, for example, SEK 10-20 to cover the cost of your eco-products. It will also attract existing, and more customers to discover why you are more than "just a beauty company in the crowd".

  • Choose biologically & degradable

    It is no secret that climate change is a real and global problem. The beauty industry itself contributes massive amounts of waste
    With harmful impact on our environment! Choosing options such as biodegradable materials helps make a difference and to make our future

  • Sustainable beauty company

    To promote yourself as a sustainable beauty company makes you unique and
    Encourages your customers to also be greener and think about our environment

What does "biodegradable" mean, really?

A process where the product is broken down by bacteria or other living organisms and thus avoid contaminants! Choosing sugar paste for hair removal is not only for the benefit of the customers and the suction list that performs the treatment. It is also a water-soluble material that does not contain any harmful ingredients, good for both the customer and the environment. The sugar is complemented as best with a biodegradable glove as our showa gloves.

More options on how you can "be green" on your beauty company:

- Sell biodegradable bags
- Select certified energy-efficient appliances
- Select certified and organic products
- pull down on waste of plastic and cardboard and instead use reusable
- Place trash baskets for guests and staff
- choose biodegradable as far as possible, in the form of paper baskets,
Gloves, one-time articles etc.
- Select environmentally friendly products when you buy detergents, cleaning products, etc ..)