Physical & Digital courses

We offer you, the customer, both physical and digital courses sockring. The digital courses can be taken if you have a basic course in sockring then before. Our Suga Rista has extensive experience in the field. We adapt the training program to your specific needs!

See the different steps you need to go through to book a course below.

At the bottom of the page you can also view upcoming courses!

Going course sockring:

1. Buy your course here on the site

2. Contact us to book the course
+46 10 884 86 83
Mail: hello "at"

3. Online theory
Within a day, your Online Theory (in English) to you. It is important that it is done before the course begins.

4. Order your initial product and receive a discount.
When you start with sockring you need of course a product to work with.
For your first product order we will give you an extra 20% discount so that you can get started properly!
read more here!

5. Go course
Now is the time to take the course in sockring and become certified Suction Carve!

  • 2 day

    For two days you will learn to master sockringens noble art. We begin with a review of the theory and then we sugars as much as possible.

    We sugars body all major components, including the "Brazilian" .This two-day course is for you want to be able to offer a full range of sugar treatments for all body parts.

    A busy day will cover your expenses for this training! We will show you how.

  • 1.5 days

    This course is identical to the two-day course with the difference that this is NOT "Brazilian".

    We review the theory, practice and sugars all major body parts, such as: armpits, legs, bikini (not Brazilian), arms and face.

    Perfect for those who want to offer sockring, but do not wish to offer "Brazilian".

  • 1/2 day

    1/2 day advanced course.

    This course is for those who have been certified in sockring earlier but you feel you need to refresh your skills.

    Maybe you want to learn "Speed Sugaring", go through and learn to master the most common "errors" and "problems".

    Maybe you want to learn how to sweeten the eyebrows or the "Brazilian"?

    We adapt the program to your needs.

  • Advanced online course in intimsockring

    For those who want to bring the intimate sockringen to a completely different level, so we offer along with Aimee an Advanced online course where we have participants from all over the world.

  • You need products to perform your treatments. We will help you on your way!

    To help you get started with your sockring so you need products to your salon. We have put together some recommendations on what you should start with.


    Extra discount on the first order!

    To get you started properly so we offer you an additional discount on your first order! The more you order at your first order, the more discount you get. You can get up to a full 20% additional discount on your first order!

  • Save your hair

    As we practice on each other, we recommend that you let your hair grow as much as possible, all over the body. At least seven days outgrowth needed.

    As a therapist, it is important that you feel sockringen from a customer's perspective.

  • Theory Course Online

    You get an account online where you get access to virtual online education (English) that prepares you for the practical part of the course.

    It is important that you go through this training carefully and properly before the course begins. It is crucial that the theoretical knowledge is before we start the course itself. Therefore, we will sue the knowledge at the start of the course.

    The better the theory sits, the more we can suck.

  • Brazilian.

    The courses that include "Brazilian" are "2 days" and "advanced".

    Brazilian socking is the most booked treatment on all salons that offer it, and it is all year round!

    Customers become very loyal as it is a very intimate treatment while making much less pain than waxing.

    With "Brazilian" on the treatment menu, you will have considerably more customers.

    You are welcome to be a model yourself when it is at the same time a good experience. But wouldn't you want to be so you are welcome to bring your own model. If you find no one so let us know in good time so we can try to find one for you.

    The training takes place discreetly and if possible in a separate room.

  • Stockholm.

    We have our course room in central Stockholm.
    At one and the same course, we can educate at most 8 people.

  • Stockholm, with you

    In Stockholm (postort)? Then we come to you without any extra cost. However, you must find "models".

  • Gothenburg

    Our course room is in central Gothenburg at the Salon Hairless by Ella.

    At one and the same course, we can educate as the most 2 people at a time.

  • Gotland

    The training takes place on the salon Salong island2 in Visby.

  • Borås - Fristad.

    The education takes place on the Spavilla

  • Elsewhere, with you.

    Do you want us to come to you and you are outside Stockholm or Gothenburg? Then a fee of SEK 2,995 (plus VAT) per training is added (SEK 2,500 for 1 time, and 1/2 day course) to cover parts of our travel and housing costs.

    You have to find "models" for the education.

    Note. At least the number of course participants at the course of you is 2 pcs.