What is Sugaring? Hair removal with sugar paste.

Remove hair with sugar!

Sugaring is a much more gentle method to use in hair removal than eg. waxing. Let's tell you all the benefits of Sugaring further down - but please check out our Youtube video where we tell you a little closer about what just Sugaring is.

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Why you should choose Sugaring for hair removal.

Why Sugaring?

Increase your merit and margin with this niche treatment.
Increase customers' loyalty as hair removal is an intimate treatment that is happy to be performed with the same employees.
Returning customers, all year round.
Your customers take care of your marketing as they spread their experience with their friends.
Sugaring Considered to be a "new" treatment method, and customers are more eager to share this new and trendy hair removal method with their friends.
Improve your finances as product consumption is low.
By choosing Tamara's Professional Body Sugaring ™, you at the same time select organic products that are certified according to the USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade & Vegan. Factors that are becoming more and more crucial for more and more people.

Sugaring is the future

Sugaring Will constantly run new customers to you, while the old customers will be loyal.
Constant growth for your business.
Loyal customers will also start visiting you for other treatments that you offer.

The origin of the sugno

Sugaring Has its roots in Egypt and the Middle East where the method was called "Halawa", which means sweet.
Modernized, perfected and with another technology for use in professional use at beauty salons and spa worldwide.
The sugar paste is still made according to the original recipe; Sugar, lemon and water!

Organic, fair trade and vegan

Our sugar paste is vegan, fair trade and it has not undergone animal test.

The technology makes a difference

The sugar paste is carefully applied with a glove hand. The technology means that the folk is filled with sugar paste so that the hair can then be extracted in its natural growth direction.

By extracting the hair in its natural growth direction, a result is that lasts longer and where the hair growth is reduced over time so that permanent hair removal is obtained.

100% natural product

Our sugar paste consists of 3 ingredients:
Sugar, lemon and water

The sugar paste is, in addition to organic, also vegan and fair trade. It has not undergone animal experiments.

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  • Much less discomfort

    The sugar paste is water -soluble and contains only sugar, water and citric acid.

    The result is that the sugar paste only attaches to dead skin cells, and hair. The sugar paste does not attach to live skin cells as wax does.

  • Results that last longer

    With Sugaring This is how the hair is extracted in its natural growth direction. Fewer hairs are broken off, compared to e.g. waxing. When the entire hair is removed, it takes longer before a strand of hair can grow out again.

    Very short hairs can be removed with Sugaring It takes longer before the hair grows back. It can even stop growing completely!

  • Happy customers. Higher merit.

    You use the same lump of sugar paste for the entire treatment, so the product consumption is low. In addition, no spatles, strips or detergents are used at Sugaring.

    The customer comes to you to have skin free from hair. If you can offer a better and more comfortable path to that result, you have a clear advantage compared to your competitors, and you can pay more!

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  • Very severe inward hairs

    Month 1:
    Morning and evening: Use on the go exfoliator pads for 25 days. Apply a mixture of bodysoothe lotion and a few drops of soothing oil.

    Month 2:
    Morning: Replace Exfoliator Pads with Sweet Exfoliator Serum.
    Evening: Apply a mixture of bodysoothe lotion
    And a few drops of soothing oil.

  • Less severe and more temporarily

    Inward hairs and / or blemishes etc.
    Morning and evening: Apply Sweet Exfoliator Serum.
    Then a mixture of bodysoothe lotion and
    A few drops of soothing oil.

    Evening 1 time/week: Use a mechanical scrub,
    such as Bamboo + Enzyme Peel or Dead Sea Salt Scrub. Then your regular evening routine as above.

  • No skin problems

    Every day after shower: Apply a mixture of bodysoothe lotion and a few drops of soothing oil.
    Evening 1-3 times/week: Use a mechanical scrub, such as Bamboo + Enzyme Peel or Dead Sea Salt Scrub. Then place a mask with Hungarian Mineral Mud Mask or Bamboo + Enzyme. Let work for about 5 min.
    Then wash away with water. Lastly apply a mixture of bodysoothe lotion and a few drops of soothing oil.

  • Exfoliate and moisturize for healthier skin!

    Excundate first to remove the dead skin cells, then moisturize the living. The result is an effective cell renewal, trouble -free hair regrowth and lighter skin. Products appli
    Always crase on cleaned skin. For intimate areas use custom cleaning.