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Saloncide Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitiser Atomiser - 100 ml

Saloncide Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitiser Atomiser - 100 ml

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Gentle and residue-free! 


Sensitive, dry, or chapped skin? This sanitizer is safe and gentle enough to be used on children's hands, or even on the driest of adult hands. You can even spray this product on feet! Saloncide sprays on like water and won't leave any sticky residue.


  • - 99.998% bacteria kill rate
  • - Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral hand sanitizer
  • - Alcohol, solvent, acid, paraben & bleach FREE
  • - Perfect for sensitive & young hands
  • - Certified to EN test standards
  • - Non flammable, non-toxic, non-irritant & fragrance-free
  • - Ideal where hand soap, water & towels are not available
  • - Continues to work on hands after application


    Spray the hand sanitizer spray on dry hands, wet thoroughly. Rub the liquid into fingers, thumbs & all other hand areas. Allow hands to naturally dry.

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