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Savvy Sugaring

Brochure on socking

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This brochure on hair removal and socking consists of 6 sections and has 4 different types of main information.

  1. Brief description of what socking is.
  2. Advice & suggestions for skin routines. Here we have the sections
    "Very difficult ingrown hairs"
    "Less serious and more occasionally inwardly growing hairs and / or blemishes.
    "No skin problems".
  3. Products. Here we encourage the products that we recommend for a healthy skin and best results before, during and after socking.
  4. Advice facing & after socking. Here we describe which routines the customer should have before their sugar treatment and what should be avoided the next 24 hours after socking.

The brochure also has a section "Your Sugarista" where you can write your name and get a greeting or message.

The brochure is printed on a semi-gloss paper.