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Hydrea London

Hydrea Bamboo Bath Brush with Mane & Cactus Bristle

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Hydrea Bamboo Caktus and Tagel Scrub Brush in medium / hard. FollowsWith removable handle of FSC® certified bamboo wood.

All scrubs from Hydréa London are of the highest quality with FSC® certified wood that is waxed and heat-treated to prevent the wood from bursting when used in water, sauna and steam. The scrubs can be used dry or moistened.

The benefits of using scrub braces are many, including:

* Increased blood circulation.

* The stimulus of the lymphatic system.

* Exfoliation - softens and removes dead skin cells.

* Reduces cellulite, tighten up skin and improves the skin tone.

* Reduces stress and muscle tension.

* Increases metabolism and kidney function

* Energizing

Brush: Mane and cactus (medium / hard). Can be used both dry and moistened to remove dead skin cells and soften the skin.

Wood: Strandved (FSC® certified)

CoR out: 249 SEK