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Scrummi Bio center - 20 pcs

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ScrummiBio my biodegradable towel in the form of a glove for all beauty treatments.

The glove comes in a size.

Bio center From Scrummi, 100% is biodegradable. They are a much more hygienic alternative to, for example, the towel of cotton fabric.

100% biodegradeable.100% biodegradable.

Using one-off products ensures best hygiene. However, it is generally a poor solution for the environment.

However, with products from scrummi, it is different. These disposable products are 100% biodegradable and can be composted. For good 8 weeks they have decaphanged.

Vegan Product Vegan product.

Made of soft and natural wood fiber from sustainable forest programs.

Sold in pack of 20 pcs.