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Savvy Sugaring

Digital Sugar Paste Heater - Dual warmer

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Digital Sugar Paste Heater - Dual warmer, for two tubs of sugar paste.

Sugar heaters that heat up to two sugar containers at the same time to optimal level to make the sugar paste easy to work with, while providing minimal pain to the customer.

When working with sugar paste, it is important that you use a heater that is adapted for sugar paste and not wax.

This digital heater for sugar paste provides even heat around the entire sugar container.

It is very important that sugar paste for hair removal is evenly heated for the sugar to have a smooth consistency. If you use a wax heater, there is a risk that parts of or all sugar paste will be burned and destroyed so the sugar paste, due to the sugar, is sensitive to high temperatures.

Optimal temperature for Tamara's sugar paste is between 37-40 ° C.


Do not use the FH button on the heater. FH stands for fixed heating and should never be used when heating sugar paste. The sugar can then be burned and create sugar crystals.