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Tamara's Professional

Tamara's Citrus Alcohol Spray - 237 ml

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Tamara's Citrus Alcohol Spray

DisinfectionsPray with 70% alcohol. This surfaceDisinfection is excellent for disinfecting all surfaces at your beauty salon, spa, hair salon, etc.

Contains citrus.

Made of products that are not genetically modified and sustainably designed.

Completely without animal additives.


70% alcohol (ethanol), water, pink grapefruit (citrus paradise) softening oil, lemon (Medica limonum), peeling oil, lime (citrus aurantifolia) softening oil, litSea (LitSea cubeba), fruit softening oil, mandarin (citrus reticulata) Softening oil, orange (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis) softening oil.


Volume: 237 ml